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1936 - The worst flooding in recorded history

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Honor the Wang Agreement

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The river is in bad conditions Right Now,

Lowell is trying to clean the river out but the water is all iced up












Merrimack River - Flood Owners Group

The Merrimack River floods of 2006 & '07 are bringing attention to the management of Pawtucket Falls Dam and the flooding caused by the Merrimack River. Climate experts are predicting more severe weather in the coming years. We need to give serious thought to better management of the water levels at the dam so we don’t continue flooding.

We feel that, in the past, the opportunity for individuals to participate in the decision-making process was limited and we feel frustrated at the lack of a mechanism for involving us in decisions that directly affected us. With that in mind, we formed this committee of concerned citizens to address the issue of Merrimack River flooding



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